Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters


In our continued effort and commitment to support local suppliers and products, Front Porch Pets is excited to announce that Rainbow Trout Dog Treats by Rushing Waters Fisheries LLC., located in Palmyra WI. are back in stock! New packaging, lower price.

Grain Free / Gluten Free

100% raised and produced in the USA


These treats are available in two great flavors; Rainbow Trout & Cranberry and, Rainbow Trout & Sweet Potato! Both treat flavors are nutritious and contain no artificial ingredients. We love the sustainability factor; the trimmings from fresh Rainbow Trout are the first ingredient in these Dog Treats. Rushing Waters is allowed to use 'Rainbow Trout” as the main ingredient because of the amount of "flesh" included...this is not just fish meal or undesirable scrap! 

New 6 ounce resealable pouches

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