Frequently Asked Questions



How are my items shipped?

Shipping is provided currently through UPS. To get a shipping quote, add the intended items to your shopping cart, and then enter your zip code below and press Get a Quote. The shipping will be shown below.

Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. Once your order has been shipped you will be sent an email with a tracking link to the UPS website. ^ top

Will these chews stain the carpet?

No. The color does not come off the chew. Furthermore, as it is vegetable based, there are no off- odors, or greasiness to contend with either. ^ top

What size is best for my dog?

Basically, all sizes are fine and safe for all dogs. Chose the size based upon whether you intend the chew as a training treat or as an actual chew. See each product listing for a full description. ^ top

My dog could chew the “bark off a tree.” How long do these chews last?

We hope you have a lot of trees in your yard and hope we can help you save a few. Generally, it depends on the size, age and chewing habits of your dog. Obviously these will not last as long as rawhide or pig’s ears, since they are made of a fibrous vegetable instead of animal tissue. However, they will last anywhere from several minutes to twenty minutes, depending again on dog size, age and chewing strength. What’s wonderful about these chews is that they are nutritionally healthy and do not have the high fat levels of pigs ears, or the potential digestive problems of rawhide. Additionally, these are 100% sweet potato and contain no added processed non-foods. ^ top

Do dogs really like sweet potato?

Yes. There is something about sweet potato that dogs find irresistible. Once sweet potato is dehydrated, as these are, the flavor is locked in, and luckily so are all the valuable nutrients. ^ top

It is difficult to tell from the photos how large each chew is. Can you tell me more about the size of the different chews?

Yes, Bichon “Fries” are very similar to a French fry. They are good for toy- to medium-sized dogs as a chew or for larger dogs as a treat. They can be torn easily into smaller pieces for training treats.
Veggie “Rawhide” is similar in size and thickness to most rawhide pieces or pig’s ears. They range in size depending on the size of the potato the chew was sliced from. Typically they are 1 ½ to 2 inches wide and 3 to 5 inches long. Veggie “Rawhide” is suitable for all dogs but make the best all-around chew for small to medium-sized dogs. They can also be torn into smaller pieces to accommodate the chewing needs of toy breeds.
Big Boyz were created for the bigger breeds but can be given to medium-sized dogs as well. It is only a matter of how big a chewer the dog is. They are a good alternative to pig’s ears or bully sticks. They are twice as thick as Veggie “Rawhide” and range from 1 to 3 inches wide and 3 to 6 inches long. Most bags of chews will contain a variety of sizes.
Keep in mind that all the chews are made from 100% sweet potato. Sweet Potatoes range a great deal in size. To keep waste down and to keep the cost to you as low as we can offer, each bag of chews will contain variations in sizes. After two years of offering these chews, we have had a great deal of positive feedback on the natural look of our chews. They are not yet another “cookie cutter” processed dog chew. ^ top

Is sweet potato healthy for my dog?

Yes, very healthy. These chews are especially good for dogs with food allergies or other dietary problems such as obesity or diabetes. Sweet potato is very high in a wide spectrum of nutrients. See The #1 ranked Vegetable.
Senior dogs will benefit from having something to chew that is not hard on sensitive teeth. Puppies benefit from the high levels of calcium and other nutrients. All dogs benefit from the fiber in sweet potato, which is helpful for digestion and helps to improve their stool. ^ top

How long can I keep the package?

12 Months from purchase, kept in a cool dark place. For even better results the chews can be kept in the refrigerator. ^ top

I’ve noticed some variation in color and weight on the chews I have ordered. Is this normal?

Yes, completely normal. Some chews are a darker orange while others are a bit lighter. There are a number of factors dictating the differences. There is a wide range of color in the sweet potatoes themselves. The time of year also affects the color as well. We work directly with farmers and packers of sweet potatoes. Colors and textures even vary by such factors as the individual field the potatoes were grown in and its watering cycles. Weather during planting or harvesting can also affect the final color or texture of the Sweet Potato Dog Chews.

All our chews are dried on hand-crafted wooden slat trays that also are used in drying a variety of ripe fruits in the sunny central valleys of California. Though the trays are thoroughly washed and sanitized before each use, sometimes the color from the tannins of other fruit will leave a slight mark on the sweet potato chews. Occasionally these look like a dark stain. Rest assured, it is completely natural.

^ top

Can my dog choke on these chews?

Of course any dog (or human for that matter) could choke on just about anything and a dog should be monitored during chewing to ensure safety. However, these chews are very safe when compared to other animal chews. Basically, as the dog chews these treats, the dehydrated sweet potato will slowly be broken down by the chewing activity and swallowed like any other treat. ^ top