Because it’s fun. That is what a researcher surmised after watching a herd of buffalo run down a hill, only to trek back up and run down again…and again…
So we at Front Porch Pets are not only making the pitch to buy our delicious and healthy dog chews, but making the pitch to remind animal owners that all animals need the Two “A’s”, Attention and Activity. These will help prevent one of the most pervasive forms of animal abuse-Boredom. Attention and Activity create interaction, this leads to fun and interest for your companion animal. For you too!
It is known that many animals need to walk (or lope or trot etc) not only for the pursuit of food, but as importantly it keeps the digestive system moving, the pads on the feet or paws healthy and their bodies toned. Elephants often travel 50 miles per day. Wolves and coyotes travel many more miles than that. If these wild animals lope this many miles certainly dogs need at least a good walk once or twice a day.
Front Porch Pets is about:
Yes, providing nutrition, but as importantly
Providing the Two A’s, Attention and Activity.
Walk your dog, meet the neighbors, have some great stories to share.
Animals enrich our lives
Your Dog Needs the Two “A’s”, Attention and Activity.

So c’mon, dogs are our companions. If you run every day, run with your dog, if you swim, swim with your dog, if you bungee jump, leave little Elvis at home. Dogs love to be with us, so find as many opportunities to include your dog in your activities. Yes, even miniatures seem to love going for a ride in the Gucci purse.

We call our company Front Porch Pets because we like the notion of folks walking their dogs, visiting with other folks in the neighborhood. Sitting for a spell on the Front Porch, humans catching up, dogs catching up. Community. How animals are such an interesting part of our lives. How the stories of our families, the stories of our neighborhoods, so often contain the funny, amazing stories of how our companion animals have enhanced and blessed our lives.
So let’s keep them healthy and happy. You provide the love. We will provide the chews.