Did you know? Dogs were the first animal to be domesticated. Over 10,000 years ago dogs were independently domesticated in both the Americas and Eurasia, from a variety of wolf sub-species.

Dogs have lived side by side with us humans. We have hunted together, worked together, shared the same campsites and shared the same food. Dogs have been our sentinels, watchdogs, have retrieved, sniffed out quarry and most of all, been our companions. In Australia, dogs were used to keep warm while sleeping. A particularly cold night was referred to as a “Five Dog Night.”

Front Porch Pets is about:
Simplicity, wholeness, 
full of life-giving nutrients.
Animals as partners and 
For 10,000 years we humans and our dogs have lived on whatever could be hunted, gathered, picked, fished, grown or milked…

Throughout the many millennium, dogs have consumed pretty much the same things we have. For 10,000 years, humans and our dogs have survived on whatever could be hunted, gathered, picked, fished, grown or milked. In other words, whole, basic foods. Health speaking and genetically speaking, the simpler the better.

The basic ness of Sam’s Yams natural dog chews, harkens back to a time when human and canine searched the forest or savannah floor for dried fruit or vegetation, or in latter times, when these foods were placed on rocks to dry in the sun.

A word about dehydration. Dehydration is the oldest, simplest and most natural form of “processing” food. Anyone who has spent any time camping or out on a farm or ranch can attest to finding berries, nuts roots or vegetables dried by the sun and wind, sometimes still on the tree or plant. These important and compactly nutritious foods were gathered by humans and animals, cached for future use. 
At Front Porch Pets we believe dehydration is the best form for maintaining the nutrients, vitamins and fiber found in fresh sweet potatoes and once these tubers are dried, with our patent pending process, form an excellent dental dog chew as well.