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As always, Chopsticks the Dalmatian and I are SO happy that you are still making these wonderful Sam's Yams. I have no idea what we would do without them! Love and tail wags to all of you at Front Porch Pets!
Debra H.
Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Jodie, (the animal doctor) of Muskego, Wisconsin, writes: “As a holistic veterinarian, I have been pleased to provide my patients with Sam's Yams™ Sweet Potato Dog Chews. Dogs of all sizes love these treats. Most importantly, I feel confident in recommending a safe, healthy treat that is appropriate with many restrictive diets, such as diabetes, food allergies and obesity. This product is our best seller at Pet Fairs and in our Natural Pet Shoppe.”

My dogs tried these after they were provided in a sample pack in a dog parade. They loved them. Great product that led me to order more!
Kristen L.
Williams Bay, Wisconsin


Hi, I am a new repeat customer and I would like to tell you that your Big Boyz are the ONLY treats I buy my Standard Poodles. I love them and I know they are safe.
Paula S.
Spring, TX

Dr. Karen Kuhl, Veterinary Specialty Center, Buffalo Grove Illinois, writes “In a dermatology practice, we do many (hopefully) strict food elimination diets. Thus, we are constantly asked, ‘What can my dog chew while he is receiving this diet?’ Well, we have some very resourceful clients and one of them found ‘Sam's Yams Sweet Potato Dog Chews.’  According to the label, these are just sweet potato based and are thus OK to use with food elimination diets as long as the dogs have not previously been exposed to sweet potatoes.”

I love your products! Well, my dogs Minna and Bodhi love your products. But I sure love my dogs, so I vicariously love your products! Thanks for providing such a great-tasting, teeth-cleaning, drool-worthy, yummy-in-the-tummy, environmentally copasetic dog chews!
Alice L.
Morrisville, North Carolina

Shawna Patton, is the owner of Petropolis in Camarillo, California, writes "I love your product, they are awesome! I've tried selling other sweet potato treats and these are the ones I want to carry in my store.

The other sweet potato products I've tried, are too sticky. They get stuck in the dogs teeth, and all over their face. It also gets stuck in the carpet. My French Bull Dog prefers Sam's Yam's over the other sweet potato products."

Thank you for offering sweet potato treats made in the USA!
Deborah F.
Manchester, Tennessee

Just wanted to let you know that I love your 'Sam's Yam's" and my dogs are all crazy about them.  How wonderful to find a chewie that is GOOD for my beloved companions Thanks.
I just wanted to let you know we received our first package of chews yesterday afternoon.  I don't know who was more excited, Daisy Belle, our golden, or me.  Anyhow, I immediately opened the bag and gave one to her.  She didn't take it at first and kind of gave me a strange look.  I just laid it on the floor and she eventually took it in her mouth to take upstairs.  Well, neither of them made it upstairs and she laid at the bottom of the steps happily munching away.  The next thing you know she was carrying the entire bag up with her, pawing at it for me to give her more.  She's been exceptionally spoiled from day 1 and she doesn't really like a lot of chews (not even rawhide) but she begged for these all night.  We gave her only 3 due to the fibre content.   But I had to write to let you know it was definitely well worth the wait.  Your letter stated you were coming out with new products for the holidays.   We can't wait!  
Your forever customers (and friends),

Denise and Daisy B.

Found your product at Ma and Paw's bakery in SLC.  FINALLY!  I have a pit mix with severe grain allergies (no rice, wheat, corn, soy) and a Catahoula with Inflammatory bowel disease (so limited animal proteins duck and fish) and this is perfect for BOTH of them.  I just ordered 3 pounds.  I cook for the allergy dog and she eats elk, sweet potatoes and veggies every night.  This fits sooo nicely.  I can't tell you how excited I am. . . .


Hey I bought some yesterday at City Dogs in Pleasant Hill, CA - my dogs love them! I feed them baked sweet potatoes anyway, and they really tore into these! It takes them a while to chew on them so it's not like a treat that gets wolfed down and then they want more and more. Excellent idea and I will definitely buy more when these are gone!!
Anna, Maggie the pit bull and Marley the chihuahua


I have a 18-month-old golden retriever, Kirby, who is true to his name by inhaling food of any kind.  Unfortunately, he has a "sensitive" stomach and I have to monitor what he eats to make sure he doesn't get sick.  The Veggie Rawhide is great for him - he loves it, it provides him with a outlet for his chewing needs, it doesn't upset his system, and it smells good!  I'm so glad that my favorite pet store stocks your product.

My 15 month old Norwegian Elkhound loves to chew, but due to a virus she had a few months ago, her stomach is too sensitive for rawhides. She loves her Sam's Yams and was given the go ahead by our holistic vet to eat them! Lucky Birka! Kari O.
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

With so many "junk" treats out there, I was excited to find your chews and see that they are all-natural!  I bought them for my mini-dachshund and the good news . . . she loves them.  It's a fun treat I can feel good about giving.  Thanks! Keep up the innovation.  I'd love to see more products, maybe with different vegetables.
Wendy W.




Michele Tegen, retail supervisor for the new and beautifully designed Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee, writes: “The sweet potato treats are a favorite with the dogs here in Milwaukee!  Our retail store -- Animal Antics -- loves to stock and promote healthy treats and foods for canines. Sam & Yam's™ Bichon “Fries”™ are the favorites among our clients. Keep up the great work!”

There are lots of success stories. Stores are ordering consistently and can hardly keep them on the shelves. We are found on many blog pages, particularly on breed specific sites. We receive calls daily from stores saying how thrilled they and their customers are about the product.