Made from 100% sweet potato, Sam’s Yams™ are totally digestible and an excellent nutritional chew, far superior to many other healthy dog treats in any nutritional comparison. Sam’s Yams™ products contain no wheat gluten or other additives. Veterinarians recommend our product because it is hypo-allergenic; it does not cause allergies in dogs. Compare the ingredient in Sam’s Yams™ with other products’ ingredient lists!

Furthermore, an increasing number of vets are concerned about intestinal blockage due to ingestion of large pieces of artificially formed dog treats. One distributor told me it is becoming more of a concern in their grapevine conversations but no major trade journal has reported on it yet. However, Fox News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, featured a report on potentially life-threatening effects from ingestion of large pieces of molded dental treats (January 18, 2006). In contrast, Sam’s Yams™ naturally break down in the digestive system.

Sam’s Yams™ outsells some other holistic dog chews in a number of pet stores and is well poised to fill the void for disgruntled independent pet store owners. Many have told us that they no longer carry artificially formed treats because they feel it is unsafe and that many dogs have allergies to wheat gluten. They are looking for a healthy alternative. We feel strongly that Sam’s Yams™ might just be the next Big Thing to hit the pet market. 

 Article about other treats: 
"Owners: Dog treats killed our pets"
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