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With the growing concern regarding climate change, the topic of “regenerative agriculture” has become more common. Though the term has been popping up more often, the idea and practices are nothing new. In short, regenerative agriculture is farming or ranching in harmony with nature. Native Americans have been using these practices for millenia and for good reason. Regenerative agriculture produces a long list of benefits to people, animals, and the land. Curbing climate change is just the beginning. Farms that use regenerative practices are more resilient to droughts and floods, rely less on synthetic inputs, and have healthier soil, crops, and livestock.

Here at Front Porch Pets Farms, we recognize the importance of these practices and work hard to implement as many as possible. For example, our pastures are rotationally grazed by our cattle, mimicking a cycle that can be observed in nature. The cattle spend a short amount of time in an area, grazing on a variety of nutrient-rich perennial plants and spreading their manure. After a day or sometimes two, they are moved to a new area to do the same. This allows the plants time to recover from the grazing and helps distribute the nutrients from their manure more evenly over the landscape. These types of rotationally grazed pastures produce exceptionally happy and healthy livestock. The land becomes wonderfully biodiverse and productive, providing habitat to wildlife as well as sequestering carbon.

Another common regenerative practice that we frequently apply at Front Porch Pets is using cover crops in our gardens. Cover crops, which can range anything from rye to radishes, are usually incorporated into a crop rotation between growing seasons or during an area’s resting period. Planting cover crops is an effective way to maximize soil health and productivity and prevent wind and water erosion.

Regenerative practices like these and many more are vital to our mission here at Front Porch Pets. By ensuring that we are kind to the land that supports us, we also ensure that your pet is getting the best nutritious treats packed with the finest ingredients.

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