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It’s officially summer and you know what that means? It’s flea and tick season! Hooray! (Can you sense my sarcasm?) I moved to Wisconsin from California a few months ago with my indoor cat, Leo. Where we lived previously, fleas and ticks weren’t as much of an issue. But, now that we’re living on a farm in the Midwest, I thought I’d get the low-down on some natural flea and tick remedies that are safe for pets.

That’s when I found out about the power of Cedarwood Oil. Not only does it kill ticks on contact, fleas and ticks both HATE the smell and will avoid it. I also read some reports that it repels mosquitoes and several species of ants as well. Sounds like a miracle oil to me!

So, I went to my local garden supply store and stocked up on several bags of Cedar chips. The best part is, they’re cheap! Each bag cost me less than four dollars! I sprinkled the chips around the perimeter of my yard to create a barrier. It’s also recommended to sprinkle the chips in areas where your dog or cat hang outside. You can also grow tick-repelling plants in your yard such as:









For indoors, I found several pet and human friendly sprays. These are two that were especially impressive to me:

Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray for Pets and Home You can apply the spray directly to

your pet’s fur (avoiding mouth, nose and eyes). According to their website it “kills by

contact when wet and repels when dry”. Also, repels mosquitoes! Apply every 2-3 days

for prevention.

Cedarcide Original Bug Spray You can apply to carpets, pets spaces, flooring and more!

As a side note, be careful when applying to wood floor as they can become slippery until

the spray dries. To apply to dogs and horses, lightly spray the coat and massage in, use

your hands to apply to the face. For cats, apply using your hands or a cloth. I even use

this spray on myself before I go out onto the farm or a walk in the woods. Repeat every

2-4 days on your pets and weekly in your home for prevention.

Side-note: Both of these products carry a version with peppermint oil. While peppermint is a great natural insect repellent, it is NOT safe for cats.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you and your pet healthy and bite-free this summer!

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