About Us

As a Product Development Chef, it has always been my goal to create delicious, yet healthful and balanced meals for us two-legged creatures. Partly because my Mom started me vegetable gardening as young as eight, vegetables have always been central to my menu planning. Gardening led me to the study of health and nutrition. I’ve been an organic gardener for twenty-five years and have studied nutrition for nearly as long.

Now to my great delight, I have ventured into the wonderful world of animal nutrition. I say “wonderful” because what could be better than “working” with animals and the people who love them.

I wish I could say that it was a mark of genius to have brought your pet these remarkably healthful chews but in actuality, it was merely a stroke of good fortune, for myself and the many happy dogs out there.
The first moment I saw the dehydrated sweet potato I said to myself, “this stuff looks like rawhide… or jerky!”
This moment of synchronicity occurred while, as a research chef I was in the process of creating a rejuvenation diet for us humans. During this period I also experienced a fateful visit to my dogs veterinarian.

Jasper, a snow white American Eskimo, needed a routine check-up and a good teeth cleaning. The vet informed me of some of the dangers of giving my dog rawhide. She made it clear that rawhide will help keep teeth and gums healthy but there are some serious drawbacks to consider. First, many rawhide brands contain high levels of preservatives and even formaldehyde. My biggest concern came when I was informed that there have been many cases of intestinal blockages and throat lodging.

A few days after that warning, while I was working on the rejuvenation diet, I was focusing on including a wide spectrum of colorful vegetable and fruits into each menu item. Each color of vegetable and fruit carries with it a wide range of beneficial vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and phyto-nutrients, (though I prefer to call them FIDO-NUTRIENTS) which our bodies have thrived upon for millennium.

While experimenting with some recipes using Sweet Potato, the #1 Ranked Vegetable by the Nutrition Action Healthletter, I just for fun came up with a unique process to create these “chewz”. Many hours later, the moment I saw the dehydrated Sweet Potato I said to myself, “this stuff looks like rawhide…or jerky! Rawhide…that gave me an idea. “Hey, Jasper! Such a good boy. Want to try a new treat?” 

Well, that was the start of something that changed our lives. Jasper was seen sneaking off with his new chew, as if he had been given something that was just too good, his human companion surely must have made a mistake. Ten minutes later he was back, with those eyes, “how about some more.” 

I gave some to the other chef and a few staff members at the center where I was the Director of Menu Research and Development. Same story! Dogs sneaking off with the chew, as if it was too good to be true. My family are all what you would call “dog people”, so I asked them to try the chews with their dogs. More great testimonials. 

Now the only problem seemed to be keeping up with the dozens of requests for more. It was becoming a job, on top of my already very demanding daytime job. Plus, did you know that Sweet Potatoes aren't exactly inexpensive? So I did what any all American boy would do. I asked to get paid for more chews. Hey, everyone was happy now, they didn’t have to feel embarrassed to beg for more chews for the dog. An American business was about to be born. But first, are Sweet Potatoes really good for dogs? 

As a Research Chef, now for dogs, I began my studies. I learned that dogs should have 35 percent of their calories from the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, sweet potato is excellent for dogs. It is very high in the nutrients and fiber dogs need. Sweet Potato is especially well suited for dogs with dietary problems such as food allergies, diabetes, and obesity. By the way, these chews are also excellent for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and horses too. 

I have developed a patented process for creating a dog chew that is hard, with ridges on the surface, yet has the chew-ability that dogs seem to love. These will help keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy, provide a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, and most importantly of all, Dogs Love Sweet Potato! Thank you for your patronage, and please… say “arf, arf” to your dog for me!

- Chef David