New Website Tour

We made some changes to the look and feel of our main website, reviewing feedback we got from users and trying to make it a nicer website experience.

Below you will find some of the updates that have changed to ease the transition into the new site. 

website tour


  1. Quicker access to my account from the homepage. We combined our ecommerce website together to be able to provide a more streamlined user experience. That means you don't need to click on Store or Shop Online.
  2. As part of easier access, we made navigation to our products directly on the home page and other places. 
  3. The site search was also available on our previous site but now we are trying integrate it for other pages as well.
  4. Featured Local Store - We want to recognize stores across the country that carry our products - this will be updated periodically.

As always let us know what you think, and if you encounter any issues please email: [email protected]